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Project Manager Sarah looks at some of the work by Life of Breath researcher Prof Andrew Russell.
Writer-in-Residence Christy Ducker writes about the poetry workshop process, and posts some of the public's poems.
Watch a video tour showing some of the highlights of the RCP exhibition.
Elspeth explores the power of letter writing through her workshops in Bristol.
North East based filmmaker Matt James Smith discusses the changing process behind his short film 'Still/Breathing', commissioned for Catch Your
The Royal College of Physicians' medicinal garden is home to a variety of plants used to cure different respiratory illnesses.
A summary of Catch Your Breath's closing day at the Royal College of Physicians' Open House with artist Jayne Wilton.
Professor David Fuller explores the ways in which breath inspires the writing and performance of poetry and literature.
Take a closer look at the Bristol exhibition content.
Life of Breath's Jordan Collver shares images of the Catch Your Breath launch at Bristol.
Find out why we chose 'Catch Your Breath' as the name for this exhibition.
These striking objects by Miriam Quick and Stefanie Posavec represent air pollution data.
In response to the London version of the Catch Your Breath exhibition, two RCP fellows, Nigel Cooke and Noel Snell
Project Officer Jade talks about North East-based artists Helen Collard and Alistair MacDonald's art commission and installation 'Ohmerometer II'.
The Bristol exhibition team highlight the themes of Catch Your Breath at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.
Spirometers, like other medical technologies, need a definition of 'normal' to quantify 'abnormal'. But how reliable is this baseline?
Award-winning composer Toby Young discusses his creation of 'Under the Surface' with Jennifer Thorp.
Explore this photo tour of the exhibition at Southmead Hospital in Bristol from 24 September to 31 December 2019.
The exhibition might have left the RCP, but the medicinal garden is there to stay. Explore RCP medicinal garden with
RCP's Katie Birkwood (Rare Books & Special Collections Librarian) and Felix Lancashire (Assistant Archivist) discuss their favourite objects of the
Theatre maker Viv Gordon explains how she came to create her theatre work The Book of Jo.
Watch the premiere of 'The Singing Hospital', composed by Victoria Hume to celebrate ten years of Singing for Breathing at
Life of Breath researcher, music therapist & mindful yoga therapist Kate Binnie discusses her recorded piece 'The Soundscape'.
'Johanna Under The Ice' by Ian Derry is both beautiful and terrifying.
Listen to our breath-inspired Spotify playlist.
A video tour of Catch Your Breath at Palace Green Library in Durham by Coxhoe Primary School on Kids in
After two years of preparation and four busy months, our Durham exhibition draws to a close this week. Curator David
As our exhibition opens in London find out what to expect and how it differs from Durham.
Films created by our writer-in-residence Christy Ducker in collaboration with filmmaker Kate Sweeney.
A photo tour of Catch Your Breath at Palace Green Library, Durham (24 November 2018 to 17 March 2019).
Catherine explores the magical-inner workings of our bodies and the breath, through art, movement, and sound.
Brian Callendar on Aneurin Wright's graphic medicine novel 'Things To Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park... When You're 29
Breathe by Fabian Møller on Unsplash
by Kate Binnie, Life of Breath Researcher A key theme of the exhibition is that the way we breathe can
Reflecting on the success of this exhibition, particularly what went well and what could be improved was always an important
As part of her residency, Christy Ducker ran a series of writing workshops with Durham and Derwentside Breathe Easy.
by Sarah McLusky, Project Manager In our Catch Your Breath exhibition there is a pair of shorts. To some they
View presentations from Life of Breath researchers, drawing on a range of different perspectives, including the lived experience of breathlessness,
Project Manager Sarah talks about the Life of Breath commissioned film 'Still/Breathing' by Matt Smith.
by David Wright, Curator Hello and welcome to the Catch Your Breath exhibition blog. We’re just under two months away
One of the curator's hardest jobs is choosing what not to include in an exhibition. Find out what we couldn't
Read the evaluation of the writer-in-residence programme we ran alongside the Durham exhibition.
Explore this unique version of the Catch Your Breath exhibition and its collections at the Royal College of Physicians, London.
How can we make the invisible visible?