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RCP Open House – Catch Your Breath! with Jayne Wilton

Sat 21 Sep @ 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Jayne Wilton’s Breathe

The human breath is the source of a wide range of chemical, auditory and physical exchanges with the environment. Jayne Wilton will explore the creation and context of works exhibited in the Catch Your Breath exhibition, drawing on outcomes of several varied collaborations as well as allowing participants the opportunity to take part in a global breathing workshop which coincides with the event.

She will explore the quest to make material the dynamics of the ephemeral human breath using 2D, 3D and 4D media and will lead a workshop allowing participants to explore making their own breath visible and making permanent a trace of this usually transitory process. Participants will be invited to investigate the breath’s ability to facilitate communication and will allow participants to experience processes used to create work exhibited in the current Catch Your Breath exhibition.


This event is taking place on the Royal College of Physicians‘ Open House day, which will be the final opportunity for visitors to explore the Catch Your Breath exhibition in London before it makes its way to Bristol. You can book your place onto this event when it becomes live on the Royal College of Physicians Eventbrite page in August 2019.


Suitable for all ages and abilities. However, children must be supervised by an adult.


Session descriptions

Catch your Breath! (with Jayne Wilton)

This workshop has been designed to allow participants to explore printmaking techniques used by Jayne Wilton in the creation of her etched copper Breathe plates to create prints of their breath. Participants will use different inks and processes to explore 3 different approaches to recording traces of the breath.


Forms in Conversation (with Jayne Wilton)

This workshop will explore the forms that words, carried from our mouths by the breath, create. Jayne Wilton will discuss her investigations in this area, in particular her 3D print Concern and will show her Conversation Piece animation from which the piece was created. The workshop will enable participants to explore practically through drawing or in clay the form of words generated by the dynamics of the breath.


Walk & Talk Catch Your Breath Tour (with Jayne Wilton)

Jayne Wilton will discuss the concept and processes behind her work exhibited within the Catch Your Breath exhibition. Wilton will discuss her collaboration with the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital rb&hArts Team that resulted in the etched copper plates, her collaboration with the Life of Breath project and how it resulted in the blown glass form: Breath which turns back towards itself, where she extended her focus from making visible the dynamics of the spent breath, to taking on the full breathing cycle.  Wilton will also discuss her inspiration to create 3D prints of the breath, in particular Concern, which is exhibited in the Catch Your Breath exhibition.


About Jayne

Jayne Wilton is a visual artist who explores the breath the exchange between people and their environments. Her practice uses darkroom processes with drawing, photography, video and sound to capture the usually invisible trace of breath as it moves across a surface. She graduated with an MA from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2010 and has shown extensively in the UK and abroad. Previous collaborations include working with Physicist Peter Hobson at Brunel University during a Leverhulme funded residency (2012). During 2014, she was awarded an Arts Council Grant for the Arts to work with Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to visualise the breath of staff and patients with COPD.  Jayne is currently collaborating with the Life of Breath project and was commissioned in 2016 by The Respiratory Lancet to create the 12 monthly Journal’s Covers for that year.


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